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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time Management while owning a startup and still being a mom and wife.

Time Management. Two words that sounds easy, but are not.

My biggest challenge on a day to day basis, is time management between all the things I balance. Mom, wife, CEO, photographer, household wizard and occasionally Martha Stewart.

When I first got into starting my business, it was all systems go. I would play with my son until daddy came home and then spend 3 hours up on the third floor in my hide away office.
This spurred on many fights between my husband and I.
Things got tons better when I moved my office to our dining room table. Suddenly I could work, watch the baby and even get some cleaning done. In the evenings it didn't feel like I was working because I was still around my family in the central location.
I thought that my time management problems were solved, but apparently not.
My husband continued to complain about not holding to any business hours and the amount of time I spent answering emails, phone calls etc.
I can't say everything has gotten 100% better, but we have a plan that we try to stick to.
Daytime is my work time, when Jamis naps, if I need to I can work one hour in the evening and after Jamis goes to bed, our phones go away and we do things with eachother.

This isn't the perfect solution. It changes on a daily basis. With wedding season coming, I will have to balance my time even more.

This I do know: Mothers are powerful. Whether you stay at home or work full time, it is a constant battle to get everything done, please everyone and occasionally make yourself happy.
The odd night out with your girlfriends becomes your safe zone, where you let your hair down and are suddenly that college girl, only concerned with sparkles, heels and the gym.

I love my life. I would never change it for the world.

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