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Monday, March 4, 2013

Balancing being Mom, Wife and Starting a Business

This is part 1 of an unknown number of posts to chronicle my journey...
I call it "Pregnant to Professional"

After having my son I began to wonder about my future. I had never had a job that I liked, ever.
The thought of going back to work when he went to preschool scared the shit out of me. Not only did the thought of leaving him, but even thinking about the job market is enough to send any mom into depression.
You want/ need to make money, yet you also want/need to be there for your children after school and when they get sick etc. All the while holding down a job and still being a wife and maintaining a household.
After countless nights, I decided that I would make my own job.
(cue brief moment of splendor)

Dream: Awesome supermom that is also CEO, sexy wife vixen, household maven and has time for Zumba and margaritas.

Reality: What the fuck. Dirty dishes, laundry is never completely done, husband complains about lack of family time, baby cries while you are on business calls and guess what, no Zumba.

This is the start of my own your own business experience.
The following are my experiences and thoughts on how to achieve balance in your life.


Step One:
Make your own home office area.

For me this was key. In the beginning my husband stuck me up on the third floor of our house. I could only get work done when the baby was asleep or when he was home.
This translated into him complaining that he never saw me and me never getting work done during the day. Huge issues with time management ensued.
My mother suggested that I move the computer downstairs, the only place available was our dining room table. Husband objected profusely. I overrode that saying that we would try it.
Our house has an open plan so I can see into the entire downstairs from the table.
What happened?
I was instantly able to get all my work done while my monster watched Dinosaur Train or played in his play area. I could see him the entire time and all my work was done by the time my husband got home.

The key in this is that my work area was someplace easily accessible to me. It may not LOOK the prettiest on my dining room table, but my life is 100% easier.

Being a mom and CEO means that you have to make your surroundings as accommodating to your lifestyle as possible.

The computer is centrally located to everything I need in the house... it also sits right next to our Kegerator. Absolutely perfect.

Next Up: Time Management with the Husband  :-)  (This should be good).
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