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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baltimore's Best Wedding Photographer & Photoshop Artist

What happens if it rains on my big day? The photos will be grey and not sunny!

This is the complain and thought of EVERY bride.

Never fear.

Baltimore and the DC Metro Area have a photographer with super editing. They can make a grey day sunny, beautiful and can do everything in between.

They are also the most cost effective photography in a 100 mile radius, with prices starting at  $350.

The average package for an 8 hour wedding is only $1100 all inclusive!

So put your fears aside and know that you will look beautiful on your big day, what ever the weather!

Call Bubbles & Blowfish Photography

(Scroll down to the wedding website link on their page, they have two websites, one for children and another for weddings)

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