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Monday, March 18, 2013

Baltimore Shabby Chic/ Country Chic Weddings

Bubbles and Blowfish Photography is the BEST at Shabby Chic/ Country Chic Weddings.
Baltimore is home to this creative driven photographer that knows how to bring out the fun in every shoot.

The owner works with Pintrest and Etsy to create idea platforms for photoshoot themes.
Most recently she did an engagement shoot that needed some extra flair.

See the entire set on her website...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baltimore's Best Wedding Photographer & Photoshop Artist

What happens if it rains on my big day? The photos will be grey and not sunny!

This is the complain and thought of EVERY bride.

Never fear.

Baltimore and the DC Metro Area have a photographer with super editing. They can make a grey day sunny, beautiful and can do everything in between.

They are also the most cost effective photography in a 100 mile radius, with prices starting at  $350.

The average package for an 8 hour wedding is only $1100 all inclusive!

So put your fears aside and know that you will look beautiful on your big day, what ever the weather!

Call Bubbles & Blowfish Photography

(Scroll down to the wedding website link on their page, they have two websites, one for children and another for weddings)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Washington DC Most Affordable Wedding Photographer

Bubbles and Blowfish is  DC's most affordable wedding photographer.

Prices start at $350 (courthouse with no reception).

$1100 for a standard 8 hour wedding.

We have tons of packages available. They include a FREE engagement shoot.

As the owner, I believe in keeping things affordable.

I ALSO believe in creativity, so bring on the fun BRIDES!

I would love to have a bride in hot pink rainboots with her wedding dress. That would make for some amazing photos!

The studio just got in some fun props for our wedding photo booth! Moustaches on sticks!!!

Wedding season is fast approaching, we are SO ready! I am excited to have brought on not one, but TWO second shooters!

First wedding of the season is in in 14 days... countdown to white begins....

See our website for prices

This was the engagement session from Saturday!
Thanks David and Justine!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time Management while owning a startup and still being a mom and wife.

Time Management. Two words that sounds easy, but are not.

My biggest challenge on a day to day basis, is time management between all the things I balance. Mom, wife, CEO, photographer, household wizard and occasionally Martha Stewart.

When I first got into starting my business, it was all systems go. I would play with my son until daddy came home and then spend 3 hours up on the third floor in my hide away office.
This spurred on many fights between my husband and I.
Things got tons better when I moved my office to our dining room table. Suddenly I could work, watch the baby and even get some cleaning done. In the evenings it didn't feel like I was working because I was still around my family in the central location.
I thought that my time management problems were solved, but apparently not.
My husband continued to complain about not holding to any business hours and the amount of time I spent answering emails, phone calls etc.
I can't say everything has gotten 100% better, but we have a plan that we try to stick to.
Daytime is my work time, when Jamis naps, if I need to I can work one hour in the evening and after Jamis goes to bed, our phones go away and we do things with eachother.

This isn't the perfect solution. It changes on a daily basis. With wedding season coming, I will have to balance my time even more.

This I do know: Mothers are powerful. Whether you stay at home or work full time, it is a constant battle to get everything done, please everyone and occasionally make yourself happy.
The odd night out with your girlfriends becomes your safe zone, where you let your hair down and are suddenly that college girl, only concerned with sparkles, heels and the gym.

I love my life. I would never change it for the world.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Maternity Photographer, Baltimore

I haven't done a baby bump in a few weeks. The studio has been getting a tons of kids work, but no bumps.

I would LOVE to do a beach maternity shoot this spring. Some white linen material over a beautiful belly with the beach in the background.
Love, love, love.

If you know of anyone who wants maternity photos, send them our way!

Here is JAMIS that we photographed   :-)
Baltimore's Most Colorful Children's Photographer

Balancing being Mom, Wife and Starting a Business

This is part 1 of an unknown number of posts to chronicle my journey...
I call it "Pregnant to Professional"

After having my son I began to wonder about my future. I had never had a job that I liked, ever.
The thought of going back to work when he went to preschool scared the shit out of me. Not only did the thought of leaving him, but even thinking about the job market is enough to send any mom into depression.
You want/ need to make money, yet you also want/need to be there for your children after school and when they get sick etc. All the while holding down a job and still being a wife and maintaining a household.
After countless nights, I decided that I would make my own job.
(cue brief moment of splendor)

Dream: Awesome supermom that is also CEO, sexy wife vixen, household maven and has time for Zumba and margaritas.

Reality: What the fuck. Dirty dishes, laundry is never completely done, husband complains about lack of family time, baby cries while you are on business calls and guess what, no Zumba.

This is the start of my own your own business experience.
The following are my experiences and thoughts on how to achieve balance in your life.


Step One:
Make your own home office area.

For me this was key. In the beginning my husband stuck me up on the third floor of our house. I could only get work done when the baby was asleep or when he was home.
This translated into him complaining that he never saw me and me never getting work done during the day. Huge issues with time management ensued.
My mother suggested that I move the computer downstairs, the only place available was our dining room table. Husband objected profusely. I overrode that saying that we would try it.
Our house has an open plan so I can see into the entire downstairs from the table.
What happened?
I was instantly able to get all my work done while my monster watched Dinosaur Train or played in his play area. I could see him the entire time and all my work was done by the time my husband got home.

The key in this is that my work area was someplace easily accessible to me. It may not LOOK the prettiest on my dining room table, but my life is 100% easier.

Being a mom and CEO means that you have to make your surroundings as accommodating to your lifestyle as possible.

The computer is centrally located to everything I need in the house... it also sits right next to our Kegerator. Absolutely perfect.

Next Up: Time Management with the Husband  :-)  (This should be good).
Baltimore's Most Colorful Children's Photographer

Friday, March 1, 2013

Newborn Photographer Baltimore

It is that time of the year! Spring always makes me think Babies!
As Baltimore's Most Colorful Newborn Photographer I always have tons of new ideas to play with!
I JUST got in some great props and need some newborns to photograph!
Below is a sampling of my latest order!

If you let me shoot with these your session will be discounted.


Awesome aren't they?!

Leaving you with your daily dose of cuteness ...

I took photos of this little angel before his amputation. He has a condition where his leg didn't grow all the way. He is PERFECT. We love you Nathan, just the way you are.