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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Post Pregnancy Weightloss

So many people has asked me to blog about my post prego weightloss...
To give you the stats, I was 130 pounds , got pregnant and ended up at 204 pounds in the delivery room. YIKES.
I could easily be confused for a zebra with all the stretch marks.

SO... onto what you really want to hear... how did I lose it.

Big secret... don't eat after 5 pm... you do this and you will lose a pound a day.
Also, water and lots of it.

Things that help,

Raspberry Keytones
Cayenne Pepper capsules
and Latin Music.

Yes, latin music... it makes me feel like I am in a sexy Havana nights mood and I want to shake it.
Shaking it, happens to be very good for you... which brings me to rule number one of weight loss...


Even if you just make sexytime a little more energetic, do it. Just do it.
Dance, move, run, clean harder etc...

I swam and ran. Also changing my diet.

Do I slip up? Hells to the Y-E-S.
The main thing is to occasionally reward yourself.

My kryptonite is the Thunder From Down Under (meant to share with 2- 8 people) dessert at Outback Steakhouse.
Can I eat a whole one? Damn skippy.

Your body will respond with what you need. You need a butt to sit on, ok, it is going to give you that.... so make your lifestyle exactly what you want your body to need.

Here is an example of my diet for one day:

Morning- Cup of green tea.
11 am  - Cut up cantelope
1:30 pm - 1 avocado with old bay (Cause' I'm a Maryland girl)
4pm- Salmon with rice and greens with hot sauce

More on my blog tomorrow explaining the importance of  Cayenne pepper...

Lastly, some photography news!

Super excited that Living social is running a deal on my business!!!!!

New camera should arrive any minute now  (waiting for the mail to come!)

Awesome postcard flyers arrived from Vistaprint today.

Booked two more brides!

I need more maternity shoots as I LOVE those.

Sunshine, Sparkles and Sangria for all.

Ciao Bellas!

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